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      POB 33539 Haifa Postcode: 3133401

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    • Marketing Division:


    Truck Cargo Gate (Gate 1)


    The quickest, most convenient arrival is via Highway 22, which connects directly to the Krayot, Haifa, Lev HaMifratz Junction, Yagur and the Carmel Tunnels. The exit for the Port is from the Hof Shemen Interchange

    Private Car Gate (Gate 2) for private cars and vehicles with no cargo


    The quickest arrival is via Highway 22, which connects directly to the Krayot, Haifa, Lev HaMifratz Junction, and Yagur and, next year, also to the Carmel Tunnels. Exit Highway 22 at Hiram Interchange

    Bat Galim Gate (Gate 10) for vehicles without cargo only


    Arrival via Dolphin Junction and Heil HaYam Street, Haifa. Entry from the right-hand side of Zim Square

    Passenger terminal (Gate 5) for Cruises


    The most convenient and recommended way of arriving at the Haifa Port Passenger Terminal is by Israel Railways to the Haifa Merkaz Hashmona station. There is direct, quick access to the Passenger Terminal and Administration Building. Access is via a bridge beginning at HaAtsmaut Street in downtown Haifa. Pedestrian access only

    Marketing and Business Development Division

    Haifa Port Company has made it a key priority to promote customer service. The marketing division serves as a bridge to improved cooperation between the customers and the Port. This includes: building solutions customized to the customer’s needs, provision of computerized information on cargo status in the Port, handling customer requests and holding introductory tours and seminars for customers

    Operation Planning and Coordination

    Ships’ cargoes are handled according to advance planning, which is done at the Operation Planning and Coordination Center – MATOT. This center is the Port’s main information hub. The placement of the ship and the allocation of a handling crew and equipment are all determined according to the operational queue. The work arrangement set at MATOT gets updated hourly on the website

    Emergency Crew

    Staffed 24 hours a day every day of the year. The crew carries out preventive actions regarding on-the-job accidents and damage, handles the evacuation of wounded personnel, extinguishing fires and handling hazardous materials, provides safety training to service providers and to the Port employees, issues work permits in the Port and on-board the ships to contractors, and permits for handling explosives and hazardous materials.

    Information Center

    The Information Center is a unit in the Containers Department. The Unit deals with the following: operation of stations for receiving and dispatching containers and cargoes in the Port (weighing stations). Coordination and handling the import declarations. Operating a customer support center (MATAL), including a front office for support and resolution while troubleshooting problems or malfunctions.

    Revenues Section

    Responsible for collecting the fees payable for the Port’s services to its customers according to the legal tariffs and rules. The calculations for charging the customers are made as part of the clearance processes for ships and cargo clearance. These are done via a computerized, integrated system enabling quick, efficient handling of the financial proceedings and expediting clearance from the Port.

    Security Unit

    The unit is charged with the physical security of the Port, securing passenger traffic, securing the Port basin and the navigation routes and security checking crews of seamen on ships and yachts, including implementation of the ISPS code. The Unit is also responsible for clearing cargoes from the Port, approving and issuing entry licenses into the Port, security vetting of Port visitors and its employees and preparing the Port for emergencies.

    Ombudsman's Office

    Ana Genkin

    IT Unit

    TOS Room

    Port Observation

    Director General Office

    *The Port does not have any relation to the parking lots. The details provided have been furnished by the operators and are presented here as a service to the sailing public.