Terms of use - נמל חיפה

The Haifa Port Company (henceforth “HPC”) provides the information on this internet based, online service (henceforth the “Service”) under the following terms and conditions:

  • The term, HPC, as follows, will include HPC’s management, employees, representatives and those working on behalf of HPC.

  • The term, User, as follows, will include any person who uses or accesses the service.

  • The term, Site, as follows, will include HPC’s internet site including all advertisements, information or documents appearing on the site.

Before accessing the site, the User is required to read and agree to the following Terms of Use.

You are asked to read the Terms of Use carefully.  Use of the service will be considered evidence of your full and unreserved agreement to these Terms of Use.  If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, in whole or in part, you may not use the site.

Contradiction and Incompatibility
In the event of a contradiction or any apparent incompatibility between the materials punished through the service and the information appearing in the official, printed materials of the State of Israel or the Ports and Shipping Authority of the “Port Company” as defined in the Ports and Shipping Authority law, the materials appearing in the aforementioned official publications will take precedence and be valid.

Copyright and Intellectual Property 
All intellectual property rights, including those evolving from relevant Israeli and International copyright laws and agreements, to the content appearing in this service are those of HPC whose trade name is “Haifa Port” and the sole property of HPC.

It is forbidden to copy in whole or in part, to translate, to broadcast by any means, to store in a data base, to publish or distribute by any means any part of the of the contents displayed on the site or its appendixes.  No use may be made of the trade mark and/or logo, storage in an archive, translation or editing without the written approval of HPC and in advance.

All intellectual property and copyright rights are the sole property of HPC and cover all texts, the sites design, photographs and illustrations, maps, audio clips, video clips, music clips, graphics, computer code, programs and applications (henceforth the “Protected Material”) unless it is specifically stated that the intellectual and/or copyright ownership for the Protected Material is of another agent.

The User is authorized to make “fair use” of the Protected Material according to the rules and regulations as defined by law.  Fair Uincludes reasonable quotation from the Protected Material.

All quotations used by Individuals, companies and organizations must state the source of the quote whether the source be the HPC or any other agent.  The user is forbidden to alter, to damage, misrepresent or take any other action with regard to the Protected Material that could be considered to reduce its value, relevance or correctness and that could harm the image and good name of the intellectual property rights and copyright holder.

The Information on the Site 
The service is offered to the public “as is” and is provide for general information only.  HPC is not responsible for the content, completeness, reliability or correctness of any information or data displayed on the site.  The User hereby absolves HPC from any claim or demand with regard to any loss, damage or financial loss, direct or indirect that results from the use of, or reliance upon, or use of the information contained on the site.  The aforementioned will also apply to any and all information contained on sites linked to the site and/or that can be accessed via the site.  Additionally, all the photographs and pictures on the site are for illustrative purposes only.  All use of the information and/or any part of it must be verified and any decisions in this matter are the sole responsibility of the user.  The information should not be considered or construed to be a recommendation or an opinion.

Jobs Vacant ads appearing on the site contain general information only regarding the jobs offered by HPC from time to time and will not guarantee acceptance of an individual for a specific job nor will the alter the accepted location, classification and placement policies used by HPC.  Ads are for both sexes even if this is not specifically stated.

Ads and announcements relating to tenders appearing on the site are subject to tender laws and the regular, accepted language as used in the tender documentation, including any change or alteration to them and should be examined carefully.  In any event of a contradiction or any apparent incompatibility between the version appearing on the site and the version in the printed tender documentation, the version appearing in the printed documentation will prevail.

The user absolves HPC from responsibility, as stated and as follows:

  • HPC will be not be responsible, in any way, for the information on the site and/or the service.  Without detracting from generality of the aforementioned, HPC will not be responsible for and/or obligated to, whether directly or indirectly, any form of compensation including compensation for loss of profits, damage resulting from the use of information appearing on the site and/or the service and/or the use of the service and/or the inability to use the service, including erasure, disappearance and/or loss of data presented on the site and so forth.

  • HPC will not be responsible for any damage and/or loss and/or costs resulting from and fault or failure that will prevent or harm access to the information on and/or displayed through the site including those resulting, whether directly or indirectly from faults and/or failures of the internet or any other network that is interfaced with the site.

  • HPC will not be held liable or responsible for any damaged caused to the user and/or any third party that results, whether directly or indirectly, from the use of the service including damage caused through the use of programs downloaded directly through the service or operated as a result of using the service including internet applications.

  • The HPC does not control, does not supervise and will not be held responsible in any way for content owned by any third parties included within the framework of the service and/or the site (insofar as they are included), including the information, its reliability and correctness. The publication of any content within the service’s framework will not be construed as being a suggestions, support, recommendation, encouragement, approval, contribution or sponsorship by the HPC for the aforementioned content.

  • HPC does not guarantee that the site and/or the service will always be available, and/or will not suffer any disruption or failures and/or be protected from unlawful access, damage, failure, program failure, hardware failure or communications failure.  HPC will not be responsible, in any way, for any damage, direct or indirect, caused the user or any third party resulting from this.

  • HPC will not be responsible for matching the site to the needs of the users.  Additionally, HPC will not be responsible for any mistakes or errors in the materials presented on the site.

  • HPC takes information security measures on the site.  At the same time, the threat that HPC’s system may be penetrated, information and data revealed and/or disruption and /or interference that affect the operation of the systems used by the site does exist.  Any such penetration or unauthorized access is illegal.  The user commits that he will not take any action that is designed to illegally access HPC’s computers and/or the security systems that protect the site, or assist in any of the aforementioned actions, whether by his own actions or by omission.  HPC will be absolved from all responsibility for all damage caused resulting from the aforementioned illegal access, including the transfer of information to any third party and /or its distortion and /or its unauthorized use and so forth.

Without detracting from generality of the aforementioned, HPC will not be responsible for alterations made to the materials displayed on the site by the user or by any third party.  The user will be solely and wholly responsible for the ways in which he uses the service.

Let it be understood that these Terms of Use do not detract from, but rather adds to, all terms and/or conditions whether in general and/or relating to responsibility, that exist in favor of HPC according to the agreement between HPC and the User (so long as such is in force) and/or are legally binding.

The User is aware that during the process of providing details and/or data within the framework of the service and/or the site could be disrupted and/or contains errors including inaccuracies and/or typing and/or printing errors.  HPC is absolved from all responsibility resulting from the aforementioned cases and the User agrees to free HPC from any responsibility for any damage or loss, direct or indirect that is caused as a result of the aforementioned errors and/or mistakes.

Harmful Content 
The User will not upload to the site, by any means, any content that is harmful, racist, threatening, violent or than can be construed as encouragement to violence, immoral, pornographic, insulting, bothersome, that could hurt public feelings and sentiments, damage, be slanderous and/or libelous, harm personal privacy or break any law.

Additionally, the User will not upload to the site, by any means, any content that harms or breaks the copyright or intellectual property rights help by any party.

The User will be responsible for all damage, whether direct or indirect, that is caused HPC or any third party resulting from any infringement of any of the conditions in these Terms of Use and will reimburse HPC for any debit or payment that HPC is required to make resulting from the aforementioned damage including legal and lawyer’s fees.

Legal Use 
The User agrees that he will use the site only for his own, personal use and not for commercial purposes.  The User agrees to use the site solely for legal purposes and, without detracting from the aforementioned, not to add to the site and/or transfer via the site any material that can be considered harmful as detailed above, an illegal offence, encouragement of behavior that can be considered to be illegal or the establishment of civil liability or that can be construed as an infringement of any law or the creation of a fictitious identity in order to deceive.

Secrecy and Confidentiality 
Personal information provided to HPC through this service will be kept secret in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law 5741 – 1981.

Contact and Announcement Procedures 
In any eventuality where you feel that the content displayed on the site is harmful, offensive or violates copyright or intellectual property rights or for any and all questions regarding this service and other questions related HPC’s business activities, you may contact HPC directly using electronic mail according to the details appearing on the site.  When contacting the site please include all relevant details, the relevant department to which the contact is being sent and ways in which you can be contacted.

HPC is authorized to refuse access to the site or parts of the site to a User and also to terminate a Users authorization to use the service and/or site and/or any part of them, at its sole discretion and without prior notice.  The User will have no claims against HPC following such action.

HPC is authorized to use the details and/or data provided by the User when they joined the service, for statistical purposes and in accordance with law.

When the User is a client, whether actual or potential, of HPC, the information on the site and its use are subject to specific provisions between the client and HPC (in so far as they exist) and in accordance with all law including, amongst others, the Port and Shipping Authority Law, 5764 – 2004 and all legislation resulting from it, the Ports’ Regulations, New Version, 1971 – 5731 and all regulation resulting from it, the Law for Controlling Commodity and Service Prices, 1996 – 5756 and all decrees resulting from it including the decree controlling Commodities and Services (Port Services), 2010 – 5770.

HPC reserves the right to change at any time the site, the service, the information, the advertisements and the links provided within the aforementioned framework including addition, removal, cessation or restriction, structural changes, design changes, the scope and availability of the information and the service and any other aspects relating to the site, the service, their operation, including their closure, without providing advance notice.  The User will have no claims or demands on HPC resulting from the aforementioned.

HPC is entitled to change and/or update these Terms of Use from time to time, according to its sole discretions and without providing advance notice.  All and any use of the site, including the information and the service will constitute renewed acceptance by the User to the new or updated Terms of Use and they may appear from time to time.

Legal Jurisdiction 
The legal jurisdiction for the use of the site and/or the service, including these Terms of Use, is solely and exclusively, Israeli law.  The only recognized legal authority in all differences relating to the site and/or its Terms of Use and/or any issues regarding them is solely that of the authorized Court of Law in the city of Haifa.

The User hereby agrees and confirms that he has read the aforementioned Terms of Use and that his entry into the site constitutes his agreement to all contained in the aforementioned Terms of Use.  The User/surfer will have no claims and/or demands and/or suits against HPC in all related matters.