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Haifa Port is the largest, leading port in Israel. Besides the millions of tons of cargo, the Port is also visited each year by dozens of tourist cruise ships. It is the only port at which vacation cruises depart and terminate – both for Israelis and for tourists arriving in Israel from all corners of the globe. In the coming years the central area of the Port bordering on Downtown Haifa will gradually be transformed into a waterfront open to the general public for leisure, cultural events and entertainment.


  • by portofhaifa 3 weeks ago
    October is the breast cancer awareness month. During this month different activities are conducted worldwide to create awareness of the need for early detection, treatment options and prevention methods. We joined the  @gamani_run  initiative and colored our logo with (flattering) pink…
  • by portofhaifa 2 months ago
    Great energy, amzing weather, beautiful crowd, perfect music and… We are running out of superlatives…. TelePort Haifa 2021!
  • by portofhaifa 3 weeks ago
    Proud to host  @usnavy  Ship O’Kane today :) Welcome!
  • by portofhaifa 2 weeks ago
    Save the Date!
  • by portofhaifa 4 months ago
    What a closure! The 30th of June - such an important date in the history of Haifa Port and the state of Israel. Exactly 73 years after the last British frigate left the port on the last day of the British Mandate, we are proud to host today  @royalnavy  HMS RICHMOND in the exact pier, outside the British Management building. From that building, on June 30th, 1948, the Union Jack was taken down and the Israeli flag was raised for the first time in an Israeli port.  We are also really excited to be in charge of renovating this historic

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