Our Story - נמל חיפה

The Port of Haifa is the largest, leading port in Israel. It also serves as a regional transshipment hub. The port is located in a natural, protected bay. It consists of numerous terminals, enabling handling all kinds of cargoes as well as receiving large passenger ships. The Port is operated by the Haifa Port Company, which is a government corporation committed to continue operating as a growth engine for Israel’s economy and as a source of livelihood for the tens of thousands of employees and workers in the various circles operating in the Port.

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Milestones in the Haifa Port history

  • 1929

    The British building the Port

  • 1933

    Inauguration of the Modern Haifa Port

  • 1947

    Illegal immigrant boats intercepted to the Port

  • 1948

    The British leaving the Port

  • 1948

    Ben-Gurion declares the Hebrew Port

  • 1950

    Tens of thousands of immigrants arrive at the Port

  • 1975

    Containers at the Western Dock

  • 1979

    President Anwar Saadat of Egypt arrives at the Port

  • 1985

    Container activity migrates to the Eastern Dock

  • 2005

    Haifa Port Company established

  • 2010

    Carmel Terminal inauguration

  • 2019

    Largest ship ever enters the Port


  • Chairman of the Board

    Eshel Armony

  • Director

    Liza Singer

  • Director

    Ofer Benishay

  • Director

    Ronen Sasson

  • Director

    Natalie Or-Chen

  • Director

    Asaf Rafeld

  • Director

    Omri Cohen

  • CEO

    Mendi Zaltzman

  • VP Operations

    David Cohen

  • VP Finance

    Shirley Helman Harosh

  • VP Marketing

    Alitche Frenkel

  • VP Resources

    Dalit Bizan

  • Legal Adviser

    Gal Somech

  • Acting Internal Auditor

    Ana Genkin

  • Corporate Secretary

    Asaf Gavish

  • Spokesperson

    Zohar Rom