The Cruise Terminal - נמל חיפה

Israel’s cruise terminal

Hundreds of thousands of voyagers pass through the Haifa Port terminal, the only port in Israel serving Israelis and tourists departing from Israel for Mediterranean cruises. It is also the leader in receiving tourists on board luxury liners arriving in Israel from all over the world. The Terminal has undergone an extensive renovation this year. It is fully equipped and offers a comfortable space, well-kept and air conditioned. It has cafeterias, duty-free shops, Collections On Return services, taxis and public transport, and all the services necessary to make your arrival and departure from Israel pleasant. The terminal is directly linked with downtown Haifa and is within a few minutes’ walk away from the Haifa Merkaz Hashmona railway station. There are long-term parking lots near the terminal for the voyagers.
Haifa Port’s passenger terminal serves tens of thousands of tourists every year. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of tourist cruisers visiting the Port and even staying in it for two or more days. All the world’s leading cruise ship companies choose Haifa Port as their port of entry to the State of Israel. We are convinced it is also the most beautiful port of entry. The on-shore disembarkation figures are also exceptionally high: 85% of all passengers on board choose to disembark and tour the City of Haifa and the State of Israel at large. The terminal has also been awarded the Mark of Excellence from the leading tourism website Trip Advisor, which relies on rating from tourists who have arrived at the Port on cruise ships registered by world-leading cruise companies.
The terminal has undergone a thorough renovation this past year. Both the terminal facade received a comprehensive facelift with support from the Ministry of Tourism, and the arrivals and departure halls, which currently serve the new Mano Shipping cruise liner, the CROWN IRIS. At the moment, the Haifa Port passenger terminal is able to handle ships of up to 2500 passengers on an ongoing basis, quickly and efficiently – ships which begin and end their voyage in Haifa, as well as passenger exchanges. Additionally, the terminal is capable of serving large cruise ships with 5000 or more tourists on board such as the Costa Venezia, which arrived at Haifa Port in March 2019 and is current holder of the record for the largest tourist liner to dock in a port in Israel (5,260 tourists and over 1,100 crew members).











More about the Terminal:

The terminal offers a comfortable, well-kept, air conditioned space facilitating simultaneous departure and arrival traffic. There is a passenger drop-off and collection area linked by a bridge to HaAtsmaut Street in downtime Haifa (immediately after HaAtsmaut 65). There is a waiting area, cafeterias, taxi service, duty-free stores, Collections On Return services and more.
The bridge link to downtown Haifa connects to a main traffic artery and to the railway station (Haifa Merkaz Hashmona), which is a 5-minute walk away from the terminal. For the passenger’s convenience there is an elevator connecting between the railway station level and the parking lots on the terminal level. In addition to the railway parking lot near the terminal, there are also several paid parking lots – details below,
Passengers arriving to depart on a voyage will be arriving with their baggage at the terminal, where they will undergo security inspection and baggage check-in. They will be issued a boarding pass to the ship with details of the rooms and their serial number for exiting onto the dock. After this they will descend to the lower hall, will pass through the passport control after which they will be free to enjoy the duty-free shops, convert currency and dine at the cafeteria in the comfortable, air conditioned hall. From this area the passengers will be departing gradually, following the instructions given over the public address system, in groups according to the serial numbers (as printed on the boarding pass) toward the docked ship.

For inquiries about the passenger terminal – tel: +972-4-8518245/6

Parking lots:
In general, there is no parking for the passengers in the terminal area.
It is recommended that you arrive by train and get off at the Haifa Merkaz Hashmona station, which is right next door to the terminal.
Parking in the terminal plaza will only be permitted for holders of a disabled parking permit arriving in their vehicle. They will park in the area set aside for them and register at the information office in the terminal.
The terminal plaza is intended only for dropping off and collecting passengers. Cars parked without having registered will be dealt with in accordance with the Company rules.

Nearby parking:

  1. Municipal parking at the Haifa Merkaz Hashmona railway station.
  2. Municipal parking lot in the Port Campus area – 40 Hanamal Str.
  3. Private parking lot – 30 Kedoshey Baghdad Str., Tel. +972-3-5610727.
  4. Private parking lot – 1 Palmer Gate Str., Tel. +972-52-6375054.
  5. Sha’ar Hanamal Parking Garage, a private sheltered lot at 36 Hanamal Str. Tel: +972-52-8844220,

The Port does not have any relation to the parking lots. The details provided have been furnished by the operators and are presented here as a service to the sailing public.

Advantages of the terminal:

  • Haifa Port’s modern passenger terminal is directly linked with downtown Haifa and is within a few minutes’ walk away from the Haifa Merkaz Hashmona railway station.
  • There are long-term parking lots near the terminal for the voyagers and there is an area at the terminal itself for dropping off and collecting passengers, there is a waiting area, cafeterias, taxi services, duty-free shops, Collections On Return services and more.
  • The Port is in the heart of Haifa City, which has a wealth of maritime services, land and air transport services to the different parts of the country, shopping and entertainment centers.
  • Within the terminal area, which is directly connected to downtown, cultural, tourism and recreational events can be held for the general public.