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3/18 - Supply of Separating Twin Lift Automatic Telescopic Spreader
המכרז סגור ולא ניתן לשלוח הצעות/להגיש מועמדות
31/01/2018 תאריך פרסום
10/04/2018 12:00 תאריך אחרון להגשת

Tender No.03-2018
Invitation for proposals an automated tender (dynamic automated tender - optional)
Supply of Separating Twin Lift Automatic Telescopic Spreader For Haifa Port Company Ltd

The last date to submit the proposals is April 10th, 2018, at 12.00 noon (Israel local time) to the sourcing vision automated tender site.

A. The Tender's Documents are available for bidders without any payment in the HPC website in http://www.haifaport.co.il/tenders/default_e.aspx. Bidder, who wishes to submit a proposal, will download the tender documents from the website.
B. For any question please contact Mrs. Cohen Maya, Technical purchasing department in HPC, at telephone: +972-4-8518858, or by e-mail at: maya.cohen@haifaport.co.il.

קבצים מצורפים3/18 agreement
3/18 appendix1
3/18 appendix2
3/18 appendix3
3/18 appendix4
3/18 appendix5
3/18 data sheet
3/18 STSHB
3/18 technical specification
3/18 tender proposal
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