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24 May 2019
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Freedom of information
Information held by the Haifa Port Company can be obtained in accordance with the Freedom of Information Law, 5758 - 1998 and its ordinances.  Requests should be submitted to:

Zohar Rom

Responsible for the implementation of the Freedom of Information Law in Haifa Port.

P.O. Box 33539, Haifa, Zip code 31334.

Telephone: 04-8518950

Fax: 04-8681902

Email (recommended): zohar.rom@haifaport.co.il


The fee for presenting a request for information will be 95.00 NIS.

The fee for locating the required information, sorting and preparation (henceforth Preparation fee) will be 51 NIS for each work hour involved in the locating of the information, its sorting or its preparation following the request, beginning from the third hour.

The Production fee for written information will be 1.28 NIS for each photocopied page or page of computer printout or 5.07 NIS for the supply of a computer disk.

Undertaking to pay fees:

The person filing a request for information (Henceforth the Applicant) will pay the initial request fee and undertake to pay the preparation and production fees up to a sum that will not exceed 252 NIS.

In the event that the appointed official has reasonable grounds to assume, upon presentation of the information request or at any other stage of the process, that the total amount of fees required for the presentation of the requested information will exceed 252 NIS, the appointed official will inform the applicant of the estimated cost of the preparation and production fees and is entitled to demand, from the applicant, that they deposit the estimates sum or part of it, or to provide guarantees to ensure payment of the full sum.

In the event that the appointed official has informed the applicant as described above, the appointed official will not proceed with the request until informed by the applicant of his agreement to pay the estimated cost and to deposit the sums or produce guarantees as required.

Delivery of the information to the applicant will be at the applicant's expense.

Information requested by an individual regarding himself and his right, will be exempt from the Request fee and also from the Preparation fee for up to four hours of work beginning from the third hour.

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