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17 June 2019
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Protecting the Environment

Haifa Port is proud to be part of the Israel's Green Revolution.

Technological developments that Haifa Port has invested in over the past few years have made the use of paper almost completely unnecessary within the port, and also with the ports clients who communicate with the various IT system's solely through electronic communications.

The Haifa Port Company, by virtue of its vision of the port as a "green port", invests great efforts and many resources in order to protect the environment and operates according to the following principles:

  • Operation of the ports various facilities (loading, unloading, transportation and storage) whilst ensuring a continuous reduction in the environmental impact and, at the same time, constantly monitoring and controlling those effects.
  • Keeping environmental laws and regulations in force in Israel and beyond. The adoption of high standards in those cases where no law or regulations exist.
  • Considered use of natural resources such as land, sea, water and fuels whilst reducing the amount of waste created and the advancement of recyclable materials.
  • Involvement in environmental projects within the community (in Haifa).
  • Increasing awareness and commitment of and to the environment amongst the ports employees.
  • Recycling - Haifa port has assimilated and implemented standards of recycling amongst its employees and encourages increased awareness regarding the need to place plastic bottles and batteries in the appropriate recycling containers.

The Carmel Terminal is an excellent example of the port's infrastructure development combine with environmental considerations in the decision making process whilst adopting principals of sustainability:
  • Operation of the terminal with electric powered cranes, the most advanced of their kind in the world, that don't pollute the atmosphere, the soil or the sea.
  • The use of mobile equipment with low noise and pollution levels for moving containers from pier to yard.
  • Equipping cranes with electrical container hoists that save energy and don't contribute to pollution.
  • A bidirectional flow of information between the port and its clients, through a secured electronic message system that make the use of paper unnecessary.
  • The operation of storage facilities, amongst the most advanced in the world, for hazardous materials. The facilities are equipped with a range of sophisticated sensors that detect hazardous leaks and issue an alert.
  • Installation of a sophisticated Secondary containment system for the secure drainage, collection and treatment of hazardous spillages.

All these together, make the Carmel Terminal the leading container terminal in Israel - also in environmental protection and preservation!

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