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24 May 2019
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Marine Services

The chain of port activities begins at the Marine Department. Ships establish contact (wireless and other) with the port's control center while they are still out at sea. The control center issues instructions regarding all vessel movements in the port area and provides information on available services. Marine services include pilotage, towage, mooring, maneuvering, cleaning, water and fuel supply and removal of bilge water and waste.

Primary Marine Services

Observation Deck
The Observation Deck includes support systems including:
 Closed-circuit television system (4 cameras facing the Kishon and Haifa).
 A.I.S system for tracking the location of vessels before arrival (at a distance of tens
  of miles).
 A public address system for Kishon Port for sounding general warnings to small sailing
  vessels regarding the proximity of ships to the Kishon Port.

All commercial vessels and foreign warships are obliged by law to be piloted by qualified pilots. Pilot service is available around the clock. Pilot boards vessels outside the main breakwater. 

Tugboat Service
If necessary, tugboats, in coordination with the pilot, assist ships with maneuvering when entering and leaving the port.

Anchoring and Mooring
Ships generally moor at quays or piers, and less frequently tie up at Timber Quay (Dolphins) inside the port.

Water Supply
Supply is available by direct connection to hydrants.

Fuel Supply
Refueling is performed by refueling barges. The port supplies the following types of fuel: heavy fuel oil with a viscosity of 1500 seconds Redwood gauge and at 100F, light fuel with a viscosity of 450 seconds Redwood gauge and at 100F, marine diesel oil, standard grade.

Marine Equipment
Port equipment available for marine services includes:
 Three tugboats: "Ariel", "Eithanah 2", and "Edvah" -with the power of 3000 - 3500 HP
  and a towing force of 30-35 tons. 
 The "Amatzia 2" tugboat with 6000 HP and a towage force of 55 tons. All tugboats are
  equipped with a VOITH propulsion system which permits optimal maneuverability.
 2 fast pilot's boats.
 3 multi-purpose boats - for towing and mooring ships and piloting if required.
 Marine equipment for supplying fuel and water.

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