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24 May 2019
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Haifa City

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel, the capital of the North and serves a population of hundreds of thousands (the city itself has 250 thousand inhabitants).

Haifa is one of the largest industrial centers in Israel and also a hub for transport, trade, shipping and tourism.   The city has institutions for higher education and scientific research, theatre, auditoriums, museums and many varied cultural and recreational facilities.  The city sits at the foot of the Carmel Mountains, on its Eastern, Northern and Western slopes on the top of the range and around the bay area.

Downtown Haifa

Downtown Haifa serves as a center for shipping, banking, foreign trade and wholesale marketing.  Within the downtown area is the main port, railway lines (with branch lines to the port, factories in the area and three passenger stations) which connects the city to the center of the country, the south and the north and the main bus terminal for municipal and inter-city bus transport.

On the mountain slope

Here you will find residential neighborhoods, cultural and recreational centers, museums and movie theatres.

In the Haifa Bay area

This is the main industrial area, where the Kishon Port, the airport and residential neighborhoods (the Krayot) are also situated.

The mountain ridge

Set 300 meters above sea level this area also includes residential neighborhoods, hotels and guest houses, pleasant parks, cultural centers and institutes of higher education (the University of Haifa and the Technion).


For most of the year Haifa and its surrounding enjoys warm and peaceful weather conditions.  The average temperature ranges from 13 degrees centigrade in January to 25 degrees centigrade in August.

Visiting Haifa:

Haifa offers vacationers and tourists an exciting mixture of attractions and things to do for all ages.

Haifa offers many walking routes throughout the city for you to choose from:  walking routes are marked, river routes, guided tours, recreation and shopping, Haifa's artists' streets and antiquities and more...

The city is built on the Carmel Mountain with Haifa Port at its foot allowing easy accessibility from the port to all of the attractions within walking distance or via public transport.

The breathtaking Baha'i Gardens which spread out across the Carmel are just a 15 minute walk from the port's Passenger Terminal.  Access to the higher parts of the mountain is available via Haifa's subway, the "Carmalite" which is also just a short walk from the port.


Haifa is rich in colorful, well maintained beaches from the southerly approaches to the city and along up to Haifa Bay and Krayot areas. Beaches have well looked after promenades, restaurants, pubs and various public facilities.


Culture is hidden in the museums - and Haifa has a range of museums:

- the National Science Museum invites you experience hands on science



Opening hours:



Monday - Wednesday


Thursday and Saturday




The Railway Museum
- the history of Israel's railways from the time 
  when it still reached Cairo



Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday


We recommend coming to the museum at least an hour before closing.

The Hecht Museum - thrilling art, sculpture and archeological exhibitions and more


972-4-8257773, 972-4-8240308

Opening Hours

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday









There's nothing like going shopping to improve your mood.  Whether you're just buying a new shirt or changing your entire wardrobe for a make-over with a more glamorous look.  Haifa offers a special shopping experience with shopping malls filled with brand names:

Haifa Mall - Fliman 4, Haifa



Opening hours:


Sunday - Thursday


Friday and Holiday eve

The Grand Canyon - Simcha Golan 54, Haifa


Opening hours:


 Sunday - Thursday



Half an hour after the end of the Sabbath and until 23:00

Saturday evening

Castra, Fliman 8, Haifa. A shopping mall with artists and designer clothes.


The "outlet" mall - City Center, Ben Gurion Boulevard 6.

The Mall is situated in the German Colony (an enchanting area with many restaurants and coffee shops and that looks on to the Baha'i Gardens).  The mall offers fashion at a price for every pocket, close to the port.


Sacred places

One city - five religions

Haifa is famous for its religious tolerance and the number of different faiths that exist in the city.  The Sacred Places are in integral and inseparable part of the city's tourist experience for Jews, Christians, Druze, Moslems and Baha'i

•·         The Stella Maris Monastery is set at the top of the Carmel Mountain and contains a monastery and a church that are hundreds of years old, chapels and other buildings that belong to the Carmelite Order.  The Carmelite Order was established on Mount Carmel during the period of the Crusader Kingdoms by monks who lived in caves inspired by the Prophet Elijah.

Address:  Stella Maris Way

•·         The historic Cave of the Prophet Elijah - Elijah's Cave is a cave set in the rocks of the Carmel Mountain in Haifa.  According to tradition, the Prophet Elijah hid here whist escaping from the Kings of Israel during the days of his wanderings across the Carmel.  Elijah's Cave is sacred to the Jews and is and a holy place to visit.

Address: Allenby way 230.

•·         The famous Temple and Baha'i Gardens - The World Baha'i Center is the administrative and religious center for the Baha'i religion.  The center includes the main pilgrimages sites for Baha'i pilgrims and the buildings housing the international institutions of the religion, including offices, and accommodation for pilgrims, a library, archives, visitors center, temples and the expansive gardens.  The roots of the Baha'i center lay in the stay of the religions founder, the Bahá'u'lláh, in the Land of Israel during the Ottoman period in the second half of the 19th century. 

Address:  Yaffe Nof Street 45



A range of events take place in Haifa over the year:

•·         The International Film Festival during the 7 day Succoth festival - At the center of the Carmel -, get there via the "Gan HaEm" station of the Carmalite.

•·         Festival of Festivals - during December in Wadi Nisnas - just a short walk from Haifa Port.

•·         "Kabbalat Shabbat" - every Friday during the summer months a street fair takes place in Downtown Haifa in the Port Campus area.  Performances by the best Israeli musicians and food and drink stands.

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